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Biriyani is BAE

What do you do differently for you to stand out ? If you are running a restaurant what will you do for valentines day ? You may offer special discounts for couples, decorate the restaurant romantically with red roses & hearts. Curate a candle light dinner with bands performing ? You will wait for the customers to come with a tough competition? With the increase in competition & with the entry of delivery apps it is always tough to stand out as a brand. Madrasi Biryani thought outside the box for Valentines day.

They offered free Biryani for Singles. The Single boys & girls have to come to the restaurant & prove themselves as singles to avail this offer. The campaign was strategically placed so that it goes viral prior to D-Day. The campaign was called Biriyani is Bae. We also tried a different marketing campaign, we created memes & posted in one of the famous meme pages. The campaign was an immediate success as everyone started to tag their gang of friends who were singles.

The comments were flooded with ‘single pasanga’ gangs. On Valentines day when most of the restaurants were expecting couples, we were geared to welcome Singles. MYTH #13 GUERRILLA MARKETING CANNOT WORK WITH REPURPOSING 85 When most of the restaurants were trying to make business, we were offering Free Biriyanis. At around 3;15 PM, there was a huge crowd in front of the restaurant. The singles had to take a selfie with an instagram board & had to upload it in their profile tagging the restaurant.

Though we were offering only 50 biryanis, 100+ people flooded the restaurant. With the social media posts, a couple of TV channels came in, to shoot the story. In all these years of restaurant business, of all the Valentine’s Day celebrations, that was the first time a campaign was targeted towards singles on Valentine’s Day Soon it became a sensation in social media. Many blogs covered the story. Few articles got featured online. The next day radio channels also covered the campaign. Many people came to know about the brand at a very less cost.