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Chicken Bouquet

When you think of bouquets, the first things that come to mind are flowers. For a long time it has become synonymous with flowers to be made into expressive bouquets that are then gifted to loved ones for special days and even formal occasions.

But we at have always believed in doing things differently. We have had many successful collaborations with famous brands, especially the original Thalapakatti Biriyani restaurant chains. We have done few guerrilla marketing campaigns in association with them, and this was another wonderful, successful attempt. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, we decided to do something unique in association with Thalapakatti that showcased our outlier marketing skills and also highlighted their speciality.

The unique concept was to offer a bouquet of chicken pieces. The chicken bouquet was an instant hit. Who would not like a bouquet made of edible food pieces of an item that they loved? It was a hit amongst couples and friends alike, for the concept of bouquets had suddenly gotten a new definition. Instead of the usual, symbolic bunch of flowers, that could only be displayed and kept for decorative purposes, this chicken bouquet speciality was both an expression of love and also made of something everyone loved to have. The chicken bouquet appeared as a speciality item for Valentine’s Day and within hours it became super hit MYTH #7 GUERRILLA MARKETING IS FOR STARTUPS 49 It was a cost effective marketing idea – because it was just a repurposing and rebranding of something that already existed with the menu in the restaurants.

The existing chicken items were rearranged as a bouquet in specially made packages that had the restaurant branding. Foodies, especially, loved the idea behind the different Valentine’s Day gift, and this became even more popular than the usual flower bouquets that did not serve any other purpose rather than being simply decorative. While some of our other marketing ideas were visibly focusing on getting the lesser brands across to people by creating an unique brand identity with low cost marketing ventures, this one was a different challenge, because we had to find out something unique on offer with an existing brand that was already famous for what it did.

This particular idea from received a viral recognition on Facebook and other social media platforms, and the chicken bouquets were much more famous than the chicken buckets. The artful arrangements, the presentation, and the famous dishes themselves were immediate points of attractions for the regular patrons of the restaurant who were looking for something different. This fit the bill and added value to the brand and became a success story for team of restaurants on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. It became an immediate success.