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Happy Doll vs Voodoo Doll – A Happiness Campaign

When the story of Stayzilla came out and I heard about the Voodoo doll.s, I was so upset. After the founder was arrested, many other start-up founders here in Chennai also conducted a meeting to discuss how to help him. What really hit us hard was the Voodoo doll and what happened to the kid.

He had been searching for a Voodoo doll just a few days back, in one of the shopping groups of which I was also a part. I am not sure what pushed me to go against this but my instincts wanted to challenge the negativity, and completely turn this over into a positive story. I fixed a doll as a content. I was The Hindu’s (Young World) winner in of the events during my school days. I had created a cute doll back then. And now, I used all my learnings and created a new one. My team then simplified the process and optimised the costs. And we were finally able to create the #HappyDoll.

We also designed a personalised thanking card along with the doll. The entire cost per unit was just Rs. 25/-. I then picked my fellow entrepreneurs who have helped me in my business. A few of them were influencers themselves as well. I delivered the #HappyDoll in person and took pictures with them. I also read out the message in the card personally to them expressing my thanks and positive feelings for the association.

MYTH #4 GUERRILLA MARKETING NEEDS POSITIVE INSPIRATION 31 I edited the pictures we had taken and sent them to they could be posted on their timelines as well. This increased the reach automatically, and impressed an audience manifold of what we had already anticipated. But it had one more effect: on that day, my timeline was filled with the hashtag #HappyDolls, and the corresponding message.

My friends had their own followers who also interacted on this campaign and it became a big hit, marketing angle-wise but also in spreading happiness and positivity. The above is just an example of how a negative story was converted into one with positive connotations for our brand, All we have to do is wait for the inspiration. And when that happens, without spending much, money wise, you can reach more people and spread a positive message alongside your brand identity.