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Superstar Drivers – Celebrating the UNNOTICED

For every safe journey we undertake, we never think of the people who are responsible for us reaching our destination safely. They are the first to be blamed even if anything minor goes wrong, but they remain largely unnoticed when things go right. And we at decided to do something about it. When representatives from the famous ticket booking app, RedBus reached out to us for an innovative way to thank their bus drivers, we got to it with gusto, planning an elaborate surprise for the usually unnoticed people.

In one of our first guerrilla marketing collaborations, we decided to popularise the brand while spreading happiness in the same move. We chose the idea of a simple gift that would tell them how much they are celebrated, with a simple gesture. We approached the bus drivers as part of the campaign, and offered them sunglasses and badges. They were happy to receive branded sunglasses that too in appreciation of their services, and the drivers also got a Thank You badge that we presented to them along with the people from RedBus. The smiles we got in response were enough proof that the simple act of celebrating drivers made them feel special and realise that we were also thinking of them and their inimitable services in ferrying hundreds of passengers safely across the road every single day.

This was one of the best examples of outlier marketing that used a unique technique to get across the name of the brand while still being something that made the receivers happy. The dual purpose was served in the way we branded the gifts with that of the sponsors, and presented them to the deserving bus drivers who would use it proudly. MYTH #9 BRAND RECALL VIA GUERRILA MARKETING IS NOT REQUIRED FOR BIGGER BRANDS 61 Our first collaborative guerrilla marketing venture was a success, mainly because it used cost effective marketing ideas to achieve the desired effect. The idea behind the marketing is what made it stand apart. We also made a video of us presenting the gifts to the individual drivers, and asked them for their opinions. It was a rare chance to look into the lives of the individual drivers and hear about their problems and the difficulties they face while driving us in safety. It was a great experience to learn about the drivers and their issues – something we had not given much thought to.

After this marketing campaign we look at buses and our road travel with an entirely different light, noticing the efforts put in by people to drive with many restrictions. Reaching on time, doing it safely, and all the night journeys in less than favourable conditions makes the bus drivers practically superheroes who make this world a better place by their presence.

So it was only natural that with our guerrilla marketing efforts we thought of doing something for them that is both memorable and showing our gratefulness for these unsung heroes. With this venture in partnership with RedBus we realised that the marketing is not only about getting the name of the brand across effectively but also in a way that will make the people involved remember the name of the brand with an affection. What stood out in the entire exercise was the expression of thankfulness from the drivers, and their happiness that finally someone was doing something for them when they had long spent days being unseen and even ignored in places simply because they were considered to be doing their duty.

We at realised how important it was for us to use our chances to thank the people who mattered, and we were glad for this opportunity in partnership with the popular booking app, RedBus.