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Demonetisation Queue & Tea

Let us begin with ddemonetisation, which was the process where the currency notes that were in circulation were devalued and rescinded, only to be replaced with newer currency notes in same and even different denominations. This happened few years ago, when our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi announced its implementation on 8th November 2016.

When everyone was busy in criticism and politics there were some unsung warriors helping the public and pulling them out of this difficult situation. In the immediate aftermath of the demonetisation announcement, standing in the long and never-ending queue was the hardest nut to crack for every Indian. And in the times of exhaustion and concern,, if you get anything for refreshment you will feel obliged for the server of that refreshment.

We got an idea. What if we surprised the people standing in the queue with a hot beverage? We approached Chaikanth for this campaign and they readily agreed to join us! We hired 2 female promoters – they wore Chaikanth t-shirts & carried tea flasks along with them, and delivered tea to the people standing in the queue. This togetherness of brands for serving people with free cup of tea resulted in the publicity of the venture. Their video of supplying tea to people in need reached people.

MYTH #11 BRANDS CAN’T COLLABORATE IN A GUERRILLA MARKETING CAMPAIGN 73 Facebook pages covered the whole story of us giving tea to people who waited long hours in front of ATMs. The major point to be noted is, their efforts to serve people with a cup of tea went viral without any paid promotion. Not a single penny was spent in this promotion so it got popular at a prominent level in a very organic way. This is what defines guerrilla marketing in the most efficient manner.